Pure Capsaicin

What would happen if you drank pure capsaicin?

FROM THE NAGA JOLOKIA (worlds hottest pepper/chili) i dont need a real answer just some CRAZY IDEAS !!!!!!!!

I ate a naga jolokia pepper. Here's what happened:

In the mouth, it was very hot, but not that much worse than a habanero. The pain of the naga jolokia is a little bit more prominent in the back of the throat than any other chili I've ever eaten, but if you like chilies, it's definitely edible.

In fact, you'll feel great about 30 minutes after eating it. Your body produces endorphines after consuming one, so you get a kind of high that chili-lovers often crave.

Here's the bad part: about 2 hours into it, I started having sudden, severe heartburn. 20 minutes after that, I experienced some of the worst stomach pain I've ever felt. I started sweating, to the point that it was dripping off of me. Then, this pain went away after 5 minutes, and I was fine. But it was torturous enough that I would not recommend eating a jolokia, even if I was around and I thought it would be really fun to watch you. That'd just be cruel.

Needless to say, this chili yields an unpleasant bowel movement, but somehow it is not as bad as the stomach pain you're in about 2 hours into it. Oh god, it's terrible.

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